Coming up

2015-06-28 20:03:48 by ThePosterBoy

As of right now, I AM actually working on a music video. Its for a Sick Animation song.Itll be my first cartoon thats over a minute,which is nice for a change. Maybe Marc M. will even feature it on his website! 

If anyone can voice act for me, hit me up here or add me on skype.

                                                                                                                                                       - Poster Boy (Jason)

Future Projects

2015-05-27 20:44:06 by ThePosterBoy

So.. yeah im Jason. Ill do a few updates here and there whenever I have ideas for cartoons or anything else digital media related. 


Im going to start working on a very short animated music video for a "The Left Rights" song (as maybe filler content)

and the slightly bigger idea: A parody. A parody of one of my favorite movies. thats all i can say about that, but i think itll be tricky to pull off, itll have backrounds, a script (already written) voice actors, music the basics! Im a untraditional animator so im kinda lost on how ill acomplish that,,,,,,,, sorry this post is all over the place, im fukkin dum